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Interpreting Services

Interpreting Services

Our professional Interpreting Service allows you to overcome every language barrier. Our interpreters are trained to provide language support in business meetings, conferences, public and third-sector environments or legal proceedings.

Whether it is a face-to-face meeting, telephone interpreting or training support for business, we will help you to connect.


We are here to help you with:

Face-to-Face Interpreting

We provide face-to-face interpreting in 45 different languages. Our interpreters have years of experience in providing interpreting services for health, social, technical and legal subjects. Appointments can be made anytime and anywhere. Our interpreters are able to perform both consecutive and simultaneous translations in private and public events. We are specialised in conferences, medical and hospital appointments, training sessions, housing and all other public-sector interactions.

Telephone Interpreting

Telephone interpreting is suitable as a communication aid in a number of scenarios, particularly for shorter, non-sensitive meetings involving only two people. This service can be used during working hours and it is convenient for appointments in emergency situations and places difficult to access. Our admin team will connect you with one of our interpreters quickly and reliably.

Working Effectively with Interpreters

Do you have staff who need more confidence to effectively communicate via an interpreter? We provide training, tailored to meet your needs, on working effectively with interpreters. This includes: understanding the role of the interpreter; types of interpreting; how to set the tone for a meeting; some dos and don'ts; and much more.

Industry specialisation

Our success pillars


Our interpreting team is composed of local Community Interpreters and DPSI interpreters in Law or Health services, with more than 5 years’ experience working in a variety of contexts and in a wide range of specialisms. We will match you with the expert in your subject matter and deliver an exceptional service.


In-Trans will enable your organisation to get the best interpreting services with an affordable price. We interpret 45 languages and dialects, reflecting the wide range of languages in the Grampian area. Our admin team is friendly and dedicated to provide the best customer service.


Appointments can be arranged 24/7 for any location. Our dedicated admin team will receive your call or email and allocate the closest interpreter to attend your appointment, helping you to save money in travel expenses.


Our interpreters are subject to a strict Code of Conduct and Ethics. They will deliver interpreting services with confidentiality and professionalism. We strive to be flexible, adapt to your needs and ensure a quality service


“The In-Trans services provided by the Grampian Regional Equality Council are excellent. They provide experienced, well trained and competent “face to face” interpreters for a wide range of languages. They also provide an expert, accurate and totally confidential translation service.

NHS Grampian uses In-Trans services on a daily basis and they meet our exacting standards for accuracy, confidentiality and cost effectiveness. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending In-Trans services to others.”

February 2018

Equality and Diversity Manager, NHS Grampian and NHS Orkney