Putting the Equality and Quality into Interpreting and Translation

Why In-Trans?

We believe firmly in delivering the highest quality of service and dealing with our clients in a professional and transparent way. Our interpreting and translation team is committed to provide the best service and to ensure that we provide the appropriate communication needs for all our clients.

Each request is unique for us. Our clients receive a warm welcome and one-to-one attention.   We provide a service that our customers can rely on and therefore you can have peace of mind.

As In-Trans is part of a charitable organisation, we deliver projects and services focussed on equality and human rights. We believe this offers businesses and organisations an excellent opportunity to exercise corporate and social responsibility.

By using In-Trans you are supporting local business and contributing to local community projects.

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Our Values

We aim to be inclusive and appreciate the values of people from every community, and the different ideas, experiences and skills that they bring towards innovation and improvement in the community.

We play an active role, as part of a charity, to support and celebrate diversity.

Since 2003 In-Trans has been working to deliver quality interpreting and translation services in the Grampian area. Trust and respect are the key foundations of our service. Our team follows a strict code of conduct. We successfully maintain professional relationships with our clients with the guarantee of privacy and confidentiality.

Our clients and partners